The broadening of the concept of creativity in English as a Second Language creative writing classes

Carlos Eduardo de Araujo Placido


ABSTRACT: Creative Writing in English (CWE) has not been extensively researched in Brazil. There are few courses on CWE in Brazilian Languages and Literature universities, and even fewer available publications on this area as well (MYERS, 2006; MORLEY, 2007; BLYTHE and SWEET, 2008; HEALEY, 2009; OBERHOLZER, 2014). For these reasons, the main objective of this research was to investigate the development (VYGOTSKY, 2004; 2007;, M. C.E EINER, A. (2010) 2014. a grammar JOHN-STEINER, CONNERY & MARJANOVIC-SHAN, 2015) of undergraduate students’ concepts about creativity. To achieve that, the researcher investigated the participating students’ initial and final concepts about creativity in a creative writing course in English. This course had 12 Brazilian undergraduate students. The initial results indicated that they all shared a very strict view upon creativity, however, their concepts were all broadened extensively by the end of the course due to the development of the creative writing course as well as the teacher’s pedagogical interventions. 

Keywords: Creativity; Creative Writing; Broadening


Linguística Aplicada; Escrita Criativa; ESL

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