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If you are like me, you want the very best for your dog. To you your dog is not just a pet, he/she is family. Some of the benefits to feeding your dog all natural food is overall good health and fewer vet visits.

Overall Good Health

All natural dog food is better for your dog's overall wellness than conventional canned or dry is. Conventional food is made with ingredients that are labeled as "unhealthy for human consumption." However, natural dog food is made from pure ingredients which are proven to help prevent allergies and keep your dog healthy overall by allowing your dog's body systems to work at their full potential. When your dog's body is able to work at its finest, it will allow your dog to enjoy a longer life with you. Not only will your dog be healthier overall, his/her coat will be shinier, skin issues should be eliminated, and your dog will have more energy.

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Fewer Veterinarian Visits

All natural food may be more expensive but it will pay off with the money you will save from vet visits. Because natural food is made with the best ingredients which are fit for human consumption, your dog will get the daily nutrients it needs thus cutting down on the amount of food your dog will consume. Conventional dog foods can cause your dog to become overweight, damaging his/her health. Conventional canned or dry isn't able to meet your dog's daily nutrient needs which causes your dog to eat more food to compensate for it. It also causes some dogs to have gas issues and allergies.

Among the top selling all natural dog food brands are: Science Diet, Innova, and Pedigree. These foods are available in bagged dry and moist canned food. If you find that purchasing these brands is too expensive, you may want to try making your own natural food for your dog at home. You can use the internet to research websites that give you information on what foods are non-fatal to dogs. You can develop a recipe list and make sure the food will meet your dog's daily nutritional requirements.


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